A very wise person I follow on Twitter pointed something out today, she said to make sure I protect myself. This is something I intend on doing, not only for myself but those who are involved. The person I am referring to is very aware of the way military/civilian relationships work. It is by no means easy I know that, it feels weird that shortly after I have starting seeing someone they are off to a warzone.

Boundaries have been set, we have made the rules clear. We have both agreed we will limit verbal contact so she can speak with her parents weekly. She will email me when she can, if she can. I know that she will be probably out on patrol from time to time but I have said to her that this kind of information will be spoken of when she returns after the full 6 months.

It is not easy being a Forces child, I know this. I do not truly know what it will be like to have someone I am involved with, other than relatives, in an active theatre situation. However, life is way too short. I do not know if I do not try.

No hasty decisions will be made. Neither party shall allow herself to wallow in self pity if neither had contact from the other making it all the more exciting when you do have contact. We shall rely on the good old bluey, bluey mail is something I used as a child to speak with my father. I know some wives or husbands or partners who will write everyday. I actually knew someone who sent, to make her boyfriend laugh, a letter of the alphabet every week.

It sounds like we have put a lot of restrictions on this situation but then we need to in order to protect ourselves. As a wise lady said military relationships are fragile, a very true comment. You know who you are and thank you, it is a true friend (or at least one I wish was a friend in real life) that shows such care.